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White magic spells

White magic spells

White magic spells has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for selfless purposes. With respect to the philosophy of left-hand path and right-hand path, white magic is the benevolent counterpart of malicious black magic.


White Magic and Voodoo

A Spiritual Path of Creating Reality

Our methods are based on unique blend of white magic & voodoo rituals and techniques. They have origin in different cultures and traditions. Our magic is not static. It is dynamic, alive and it evolves as we evolve. We always try to give the best of us into our magic! And we can say, after more than 30 years of experience, that we are successful.White magic spells

Do you suffer from heartache or lovesickness? Do you have doubts what awaits you in the future? Perhaps you are also facing things that you did not think were possible such as curses or demons? Maybe you want a counsel or need answers to your questions? We can help you to find what you are searching for!

Who Am I ?

Am Dr.Muhabati. Since my childhood i have had skills which many people thought were impossible: astral travel, memories of past lives, the ability to speak with ghosts. In this life, i decided to offer my skills for the service of people. And am  proud that i have already helped hundreds of people.

My work has evolved into the establishment of an esoteric life-consulting company. Over the years, I have surrounded myself with friends and students with similar interests, abilities and views. Thanks to memories of past lives and journeys around the world i have been able to refine my methods and improve my mystical abilities.

The role of magic

White magic spells -The loftier trends of ancient Middle Eastern religion did not as a rule threaten to eliminate magic. White, or protective, magic was never seriously discouraged. Black, or destructive, magic was frowned on by organized society, regardless of whether the official religion was monotheistic or polytheistic, because black magic makes its victims unfit for functioning productively in society. Section II of the Babylonian king Hammurabi’s (Hammurapi’s) code punishes witchcraft (as well as false accusations of witchcraft) with the death penalty. Moreover, all organized religion tended to oppose magic that circumvented the official clergy. King Saul of Israel had characteristically banned sorcery, driving it underground. Yet when he wanted guidance from the dead prophet Samuel, Saul consulted the Witch of Endor, who was practicing her art illegally (1 Samuel 28:6–25). She was able to call up the spirit of the prophet from the underworld, which, incidentally, illustrates one of the reasons why society opposes spiritualism. The witch, by claiming to bring the greatest authorities of the past onto the current scene, threatens the authority of the establishment.

White magic spells

The Letters to the Dead of pharaonic Egypt were written by living persons to the dead in order to achieve practical results, in keeping with the pragmatic, down-to-earth nature of the ancient Egyptians. It was unquestioningly assumed that the dead continued to exert influence on the living. Difficulties experienced by widows, widowers, and other survivors were attributed to the malevolence or negligence of the ungrateful dead who failed to defend their dear ones in the land of the living.

The letters were most often inscribed on ceramic vessels but were sometimes written on papyrus, linen, or even on a stela. They were deposited in tombs, not necessarily those of the persons addressed. It was believed that all burials were part of one interconnected system and that the mail would be delivered to the deceased addressee as long as it was posted anywhere in this network.

The writers sometimes remind the deceased addressee of the water and offerings they have brought to the tomb. Occasionally they threaten to discontinue such services if the deceased persists in refusing to help them. A frequent grievance is that malevolent persons (often relatives) are defrauding the rightful heirs of the deceased person’s estate. The writer may even vow to take legal action against the dead in the divine court of the West (i.e., of the realm of the dead).

One of the letters, known as the Leiden Papyrus, is particularly interesting because of the light it sheds on Egyptian life as well as on the relations between the living and the dead. The author is a widower who has been in a bad state since his wife’s death. He is convinced that his misfortunes are due to his late wife’s ill will. In the letter he reminds her that he was a model husband and threatens to testify against her in the court of the West. He goes on to say that he was a young and busy officer in the pharaoh’s service at the time he married her. In spite of the pressures of his important duties, he writes, he stood by his wife and did not abandon her. He even made the soldiers under his command defer to her and render service to her. Moreover, he refrained from having affairs with other women. Before his wife’s death he was assigned a mission to the wild south, on which he could not take her. Nevertheless, he provided for all her needs and gave nothing to other women. When she fell ill he engaged a skillful physician who gave her the best possible care. While death was overcoming her, he virtually abstained from eating and drinking for eight months. When he finally returned home to Memphis, he gave her a first-class funeral, complete with a shroud of the finest Upper-Egyptian linen. White magic spells -At the time of the letter, three years have passed since the wife’s death. During this time he has lived alone and remained faithful to his departed wife. Yet in spite of this flawless record, she has been afflicting him and behaving like one who does not know the difference between right and wrong. He has therefore decided to prosecute her. In closing the letter he reaffirms his fidelity, declaring that he has not touched any of the female members of the household.

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