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Texts for Him to Make Him Want You -Good morning Massages

Texts for Him/Her to Make Him/Her Want You -Good morning Massages

If You’re Just Starting to Talk

As you get into the routine of texting a man you’re interested in, you’ll start to notice certain patterns. There are texts in the morning…maybe during your lunch break…and then before you go to bed. Getting into a routine with texting is a good thing! But you don’t want him to always be the one starting a text conversation with you. good morning texts for her/himIn this article, I’m going to give you some sample good morning texts for her/him to make her/him want you, in case you need a little inspiration!

This Applies in situations as;

  • You connected on a dating site but haven’t met in person yet
  • Once you’ve had your first date
  • After you’ve had sex
  • When you want to take the relationship further
  • Once you’re settled into a relationship

Keep in mind, these are just example good morning texts for her/him! I encourage you to customize them however you want.

If you’ve met on a dating site or you met in on an a function be it in club and are in that fun getting-to-know-you stage, keep it light and focus on creating consistency in your texts. It’s nice to establish that rhythm of texting one another first thing in the morning at this point. Make Him Love You Forever

While you’re working on getting to know one another, the first text of the day probably shouldn’t do a deep dive into a conversation. After all, she/he’s either still half asleep or is getting ready for work. Keep it simple and upbeat. Focus on writing something that requires a response.

Here are some examples:

“Hey, cutie! What’s on your plate today?”

It’s easy-breezy. You’re really just looking to start a conversation. But hey, if the question opens the door to him saying he’s free in the evening, you might just end up with a date tonight!

“Morning! Today’s your big presentation at work, right?”

A text like this is designed to show him that you’re paying attention to what he tells you. The more interest you show, the more connection he feels to you.

“Good morning! I know you’re going to crush it today!”

This is a good supportive text, and it lays the foundation for him thinking of you as good girlfriend material. You’re already cheering for him with whatever he’s got going on, whether it’s a job interview or a soccer game.

Why a Good Morning Text is important: This early in the game, you want to make sure you stay on her/his mind. You show that she/he’s on yours by carefully crafting what you say to her/him first thing in the day, and you increase the likelihood of her/him asking you out on a date.

Had a great time on the date? Let Her/him know!

So you’ve gone out with this woman or man and boy/girl, did sparks fly. Maybe you kissed her/him…maybe you didn’t…but either way, you’re eager to see what’s next with her/him.

The key here is to let her/him know you’re totally into her/him. A lot of times, you’re just processing information on a first date, and you aren’t really sure what to make of it. Sometimes you just need to sleep on it to realize that yeah, you want to see her/him again…soon. She/he may feel the same way, so getting that message from you will move things along.

Don’t be shy to be a little more open with your feelings in these good morning texts for her/him.

“Hey there! Can’t get last night’s kiss off my mind…”

Just go straight for the kill. Bring up that kiss to get the conversation centered around the attraction you felt last night on that date. She/He’ll dig it.

“Morning! I dreamed of those tacos we had yesterday. I’m already ready for more!”

If you’re not so forward and want to ease into talking about that smooch (or not), then bring up a highlight from the date. Just a note: if anything went bad (the food was terrible), don’t bring that up or you’ll seem like you’re complaining. Not the way you want to start her/his day.

“Good morning! Thanks again for such a wonderful evening. You really are a gentleman. Even opened my car door for me!” 😍

If you didn’t text him after the date last night to thank him for it (which is totally acceptable to do, in my mind), first thing the next morning is the time to do it. Focus on complimenting him for what you liked on the date. In this case, it’s opening your car door for you. This will reinforce that behavior on future dates!

Why a Good Morning Text is important: You still need to reinforce your interest. It’s early days. He may be going on first dates with several women (it sucks, but it does happen), so you want to stand out and have him move you to the top of the list…or better yet, get rid of the competition!

Good Morning Texts After You’ve Been Intimate

It’s funny how having sex with someone new kinda changes the dynamic between the two of you. Where there might have been sexual tension before, or you might have been more closed off, after you’ve been intimate, you just feel closer and more comfortable with one another.

This is a great opportunity to loosen up in your texts, or even light a little fire in some of them. You don’t have to sext to do it, though! (Though if you’re into sexting, you’re far from alone: 88% of adults have done it.) Here are a few good morning texts you can send.

“Mmm. I dreamed about you. There were no clothes involved…”

This will wake her/him right up (in more ways than one). You can choose to let her/his mind wander about what exactly your dream entailed (maybe you didn’t even really have one about her/him, but she/he doesn’t have to know that, does she/he?)…or you can text her/him details…or promise to show her/him in person when you see her/him again.

“Morning. If I didn’t have to go to work today, do you know what I’d do to you?”

This makes her/him feel like she/he’s missing out on something great. What would you do to her/him? All day, her/his mind will wander. she/He’ll get nothing done. And you better believe she/he’s going to make plans with you tonight to find out!

“Hiya! I’m still blushing about what happened last night…”

If you aren’t comfortable taking the sexy vixen route with your texts, play a little schoolgirl innocence. Let him feel like you’re shy and he’s bringing out something new in you.

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