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Relationships advice or Tips on Love and Sex

Love, Sex and Relationships advice or Tips

Understand that every relationship has value regardless of how long it lasts. Never take your partner for granted, remember to take breaks. The Most Important Factor in a Relationship is Not Communication, But Respect. It’s not what you fight about—it’s how you fight – Love , Sex and Relationships advice or Tips.Love, Sex and Relationships advice or Tips Look for someone with similar values.

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Here’s what they are. Be Together For the Right Reasons.

Have Realistic Expectations About Relationships and Romance. Talk Openly About Everything, Especially the Stuff That Hurts. A Healthy Relationship Means Two Healthy Individuals.

8 Key Points To Note

  1. Before you start a relationship with a lady, you must think carefully about what you are about to do. A relationship is not something you should rush into or handle lightly.
  2. .Are you ready for a relationship with her? Are you emotionally, mentally and spiritually mature to meet her needs?
  3. Being sexually attracted to her means absolutely nothing. It isn’t a sign of likeness, love or any other thing your mind may come up with. It may just be your hormones messing with your mind. A woman is more than her body and her sexuality. She has a life which you should be able to blend with. Can you do that?
  4. This lady has a history. Can you handle it? She has a past. Can you handle it? Can you handle her mistakes, failures and weaknesses? Can you handle her dreams without being intimidated and becoming jealous?
  5. She already had a life before she met you. Can you fit into and help improve her life?
  6. Love is commitment. Are you ready to commit your life to helping her grow and become all that she can be, by Lord’s grace? Learn More About Love Magic
  7.  Is she valuable enough for you to devote a large portion of your life towards the accomplishment of HER dream? Are you ready to pour your resources into making her all the Lord plans for her to be? If you are not ready, don’t just bother.
  8.  Before you open your mouth to say ‘I love you’, ask yourself if this is not just a moment of ‘emotional madness’. A lady needs much more than ‘I love you’.

She needs your commitment. If you are not ready to make that commitment that will lead to marriage, please leave her alone in peace and stop wasting her time. And ladies please don’t make his life miserable.

Marriage is not for kids. If u can’t endure the foolishness of a woman & the stupidity of a man then remain single.





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