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Valentine quotes and Stories

Valentine Myth Story I will not Forget

The new neighbors just had a house warming party. It’s been a serious rave since 15:00 Ugandan time. Yours truly had a trip that got canceled so I stayed in and therefore nothing missed my ears. Valentine quotes and Stories
It’s a fraternity of sorts as I’ve witnessed over 5 different lasses come and stay for days so I’m guessing at least 3 roomies. Big house so it’s cool. The more the merrier aye?

So the party gets intense, dudes come, dudes go of course I know all this because I’m the self appointed neighborhood watchman. The eyes, ears nose and dick of this little suburbia.

As I mind my business and pretend to chat with random women on here, I hear a knock on the door, and giggles. Oh oh, I have no appointments nor scheduled cleaners today! Who could it be???
I use the window to take a glimpse of who’s outside.
It’s one of the new girls! Eehhh! Sweat pants. Crop top. Plastic red disposable cup. Feels like a scene out of a Zac Efron high school flick! She hawt though. I’ll give her that.

I sniff amongst the horde of tees strewn all over the couch for a clean one and land on a less stinky one, throw it on, add boxers and go open half way hiding my lower body in the curtain drapes.

“Uuhhmmm Hi..“

“Hey neighbor, sorry we’re really loud but it’s only for today”

“Oh it’s okay! Though I wasn’t invited I thought I’m not cool anymore”

“Hahahahahaha! You’re a charmer aren’t you?”

“Not so much.. So… any problems??”

“I thought you’d not mind joining us unless you have an early morning rush..”

At this moment I can’t take my filthy eyes off her navel no matter how hard I try to focus on the aerodynamics of her lip movements! She talks like she’s a dirty dirty bad bad girl!

“Oohhh. Are there hotties like you?”


“And booze? Like real booze??”

She gives me this look of “wtf is this nigga talking about does he know its shit over shit? “ then after she gestures with her plastic cup for me to have some. There’s no scent from the cup. Meaning it’s expensive liquor. The real hard shit! Okay, this feels like its gonna be a long long night.

Their sponsors are the cooperate type not those that drive corollas and Raums.

I swallow the contents of her cup and immediately get pulled into a utopian civilization full of Stars and Owl city music and rainbows and neon and really sweet smelling colors and scenes and whatnot!


I’m sure it wasn’t Hennessy nor any of that fancy fancy exotic #alkoko I’ve had before. She notices my amazement despite my dire efforts to stifle it all.
She knows she’s won this round. I’m smitten. She excuses herself and says I’m welcome to join in, as I close the door after telling her I should prolly get some clothes on..

I open the wardrobe and pick out my pearl white Enzo tee shirt that is reserved strictly for events like this one. Sweat pants for easy access incase of the urge to pee or engage in quick spontaneous bursts of coital combat… You know…

I lock up and walk across the compound and through the corridor till I reach their door and off course there’s some hawties seated on the veranda too. There’s a shisha pot! Daaaamn! These are #truebitches! I like! I greet them coyly and they offer me a puff on their shisha.
Strawberry mint. Wow. I feel my senses heightened once again. These girls will kill me!
I knock then enter and a dude greets me, chops knuckles (gotea kubonga) then offers me a fresh disposable cup and directs me to the table where all tribes( and clans and totems and languages) of liquor abound!


I immediately make a mental note to call in sick at work tomorrow morning because I know what is going to happen to my body once I start partaking of this nectar!

I sit next to my host off course and she starts small talk, holding my hand and asking about the irrational water bill at first, then how her electricity meter is a guzzler (like I care).

We sip then gallop then tank alkoko and before I realize it, it’s past 23:00 and stepping out to pee (their inside bathroom has two girls making out so I couldn’t intervene in God’s plans!)

I notice all the guests that were outside have long gone except a handful of pretty faces still smoking shisha or playing cards. Inside the house there’s like seven girls and as I open my door to enter and pee, my host neighbor comes rushing albeit staggering behind me…

I turn to address her and she almost falls into my arms. I’m now supporting her from falling but both my hands are right underneath her perky plump boobs!


At this point am thinking to my self how who ever created alcholo was bright? But meeeehhhnnnn much respect to my Chinese friends who invented the boob pump!

My hands had already forgotten that they’re merely appendages that I control and govern! They are supposed to listen to my instructions and do as I please! But not today! They went in slowly and firmly and felt those two nipples like my life depended on it! Very huge and succulent titties!

She seemed either too drunk to object, or this was her dream since she moved in weeks ago. Only god knows. So she tells me since some of the girls she invited came from hostels, they can’t go back it’s late and all so she’s suggesting she crushes at mine with like two other girls so that the rest can sleep at hers!


In that moment I was wondering if she doesn’t even think I might have company over, or a stay in girlfriend! Naaah! She didn’t care. She knew I wanted her! I have this eye. The jaguar gaze. One of Lucifer’s many presents bestowed unto yours truly! You don’t have to say nothing. And they’ll know what you want. ALWAYS!!

So as I steadily help her regain her balance, I express my urgency to go pee and she says she’d like to come in and see where she’ll be spending the night…
I off course mentally ok the suggestion but first feign indifference to her.

She’s impatient as I unlock my door and one of the other neighbors passes by and wonders what’s become of the whole plot! I don’t mind. We waltz inside and I kiss her right there just at the doorway! She has this nice mouth scent. The water melon kinda taste.. you know the one alcohol gives after hours of consumption..

Her hands are trembling and she’s reaching for a wall to support herself not to fall. Grasping for something to hold onto..

I hold her back and carry her towards the couch. She’s still in her flip flops and I easily undo her sweat pants and leave them around her feet..

Black lace undies! Wet beyond recognition. Dump. That strong canal scent.. feminine. Like an animal musk. A hint of urine and jasmine all intertwined to give off just the right “come hither” pheromones…
I yank it aside with my teeth and she gasps for breath! For a moment we’re animals… kissing and shredding each other’s clothes…

She fumbles with my boxers since the pants were already off at the doorway! I help her get access to my unmentionables.. Her warm, coconut lotioned fingers tease and caress and cause havoc down yonder!

I reach for a #Trojan I usually keep under the couch cushions and in a flash it’s on and ready…valentine love spell

As I’m sliding in, her eyes suddenly brighten and open fully, she gasps for air.. bites her lip so hard and scratches my arms as she beckons me to have mercy and tread with caution…


Marco baby, I’m home…”

FUUUUCK { Valentine quotes and Stories}


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