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Death Spells

Death Spells

Real death spells take a lot of professionalism, concentration, focus, and skill to accomplish. If you are hoping to use one, you have some work to do. If you are worried that somebody has cast one on you, the cure is here. It is important to see how black magic, red magic, hoodoo and a wide range of revenge and death spells work so as to get out from under them.Death Spells

Although none of the spells will directly cause the death of the intended victim they will cause the body to get ill and die or Sometime it can be a fetal accident.

Death spells are powerful and can be dangerous, especially if they are improperly cast and rebound. If you are in need of casting a death spell upon someone, hire a professional spell caster. They have experience and know how to take the proper precautions to avoid backlash.


 Summoning the dead

Sometimes the spirit is summoned out of affection; the magician missed loved ones who have died for a very long time.
Sometimes they are summoned to know the power they possess.
And they may also be summoned to divulge the whereabouts of a precious good that spirit only knows about.
They must have been dead for a long time, but they still have the secret of something even after death.
It commonly said that the spirit always roams about around their grave within the first year of their burial. This process of communicating with the spirit is not an easy one even if ever possible.

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Are death spells genuine?

Could you truly convey somebody to their deathbed using a death spell? Are you a victim of one? Similarly, as with any spell, the power is in the individual who casts the spell, not simply the spell. There are many tools, for example, crystals, amulets, herbs, and potions which can build the strength of a spell, however, real power is in the energy with which the spell is cast.Death Spells

Casting Instructions

Within the necromancy circle you have already cast, sit down and begin to breath slowly while vibrating the enn of Eurynomous, “ayer Shecore on ca Eurynomous”. When your mind is clear you must visualize the death essence entering the circle through the death gates you previously opened. Imagine the DE in the form of grey smoke seeping slowly into the circle and surrounding you and filling the four pentagrams at each cardinal direction.

You will know when you have enough death essence around you when you begin getting a cold sensation. Do no draw to much as it can be very dangerous. Direct the death essence into the fetish link while visualizing the effect of the curse. Blindness can be caused by directing the enrgy into the eyes of the victim. If you have a candle you can direct the DE through the flame to effect the victim. After the visualization, stab the effigy with your athame or coffin nails if you have any.

(Remember that after any necromantic ritual you must cleanse your body. You can do this with visualization or you can sanctify water and anoint yourself with it when you perform a ritual bath. I like to do both just to be safe. If you do not cleanse yourself you can get very sick and even die because of the small amounts of death essence that seaped into your body).

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