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You can use my spell if you seek to change your luck from bad to good, from always being in the wrong place at the wrong time to being in exactly the right place to have good things happen to you, and to instill in you the feeling that the rest of your life is going to be so much better and easier and successful than it has been up to now.

Facts to Know

Remember that just because a few unfortunate things may have happened to you recently, it doesn’t mean you’ve been cursed or hexed. Bad luck still exists, so don’t go casting spells all over the place just because you stubbed your toe or lost your car keys.

Attract Good Luck

Cast the Attract Good Luck spell upon yourself or someone else if you wish to be surrounded by luck. This is a good spell to cast upon yourself if you plan to go to the races. The attract good luck spell can cancel a bad luck spell and can also put an end to a streak of bad luck. The Attract Good Luck spell replenishes the level of luck in your life.

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