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Binding Love spells for protection

Binding spells for protection

Binding spells for protection:When you love someone, be it a family member, a friend, or even a lover, it is natural to want to protect him or her forever. You’d want to know they are safe all the time. You would do anything possible to keep them away from any enemies’ path. If you decide to use a binding spell to protect your loved ones, look for a colored picture, especially one embedded in a silver frame. A silver frame invites good spirits.

The colored picture should be a happy one since you wish the intended person happiness. You will also need ingredients such as basil, a candle, and an altar. Cleanse yourself and prepare to perform white magic. Get rid of all your negative thoughts and harness all the love you have for the person. Stare into the lit candle and start chanting a verse you have prepared. If you succumb to any negative thoughts while performing the ritual, the results may be devastating.

A Binding Spell To Cast Away the Enemy

Some people are downright evil and most people have no good intention for others. It can be your best friend or even someone you were acquainted with a while back. An enemy can be jealous of your progress or you may have angered someone and they’re seeking revenge in the worst way possible. In such cases, only black magic can be used. Luckily, there is a binding spell that can cast the enemy away forever, if you ever find yourself in such a predicament.

The requirements of this binding spell are a purple candle that has a matching wick, an altar, a photograph of the enemy, a stapler, and an altar circle where the candle will stand. Fold the picture of the enemy into two and start sealing the picture with the stapler. While doing this, you should be chanting a cast away spell you had prepared. At the end, make sure you staple the photograph into the center of the candle. This will seal the binding spell forever.

Binding Spells for Love To Return

Sometimes people think that breaking up was not their best option. This realization usually happens when it is too late. The other person has probably moved on by now or not in the vicinity of their ex lover. If you are one of those poor victims who have lost someone by mistakenly letting them go then binding spells for love to return are your best bet.

Binding Spells for Love To ReturnThese spells will not only give you a second chance in your love life but also make that relation extremely strong. It will bring the two of you so close that nothing will be able to separate you with your loved ones. Binding spells for love can be used to regain the lost lustre in any relationship. These spells will enchant your ex lover with the same old feelings that once enthralled him. They will come back to you with their heart filled with the same love and care you desire and deserve.

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Are Binding Spells And Banishing Spells The Same?

Most people confuse banishing spells and binding spells. The two are actually the opposites of each other. A banishing spell is used to cast someone evil away from the community forever, while the binding spell is used to bind someone or something to the person who wants to cause harm.

This means that if you bind yourself to someone you will also cause yourself harm. You can use a banishing spell in various ways. For instance, you can banish an abusive husband, or even banish bad behavior from someone. On the other hand, a binding spell can be a positive thing, regardless of what people think, like binding two people together in a handfasting ceremony using a symbolic cord.

 Amulet  Protection Spell

Amulets are believed to attract goodness in the wearer’s life, so why not give one to someone you love? It is only natural to want to keep your loved ones safe and have the best in life all the time. This is not possible since not all situations can be dealt with using witchcraft.Binding spells for protection Nevertheless, where possible, you can use white magic. You can use white magic to cast a protective spell in a charm then give it to a loved one.

This will ensure some kind of security from any harm. A charm can be a bracelet, a necklace, a pendant, or another similar thing. A person usually wears his or her amulet all the time, since you never know when evil will strike.

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