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Attraction love Spells

Attraction love Spells

Attraction love Spells there’s nothing quite like the first few dates with a guy you really like.Everything you talk about is fascinating, every glance makes you swoon; you’re so excited you can hardly eat or sleep.You put every ounce of your focus and energy into making yourself look attractive for him and planning elaborate dates.

Then, slowly… almost imperceptibly… the thrill starts to wear off. Before you know it, you’re a couple, and instead of sexy candlelit dinners and flirty conversation, you’re in your ratty PJs, eating Chinese takeout on the couch and watching reruns of Survivor.

What happened? And how can you fix it?

I’ve got 3 SPELLS for you in my answer to today’s question from a reader:

Q: “How can I keep things in a relationship fun and fresh from the first date all the way through?” – Lisa

A: Many people say that if a relationship is right, it should be easy. Though it’s true that if your relationship is too much work it probably isn’t right, it doesn’t mean that a good relationship won’t require effort.

The sad truth is that most people bring their best selves on day one to the stranger, and a much lazier, more negative version on day 365 with the person they love.

I often say that attraction is about keeping people off balance; the problem is that when people get into a relationship, they get too stable.

On one hand, it is great when you find that person you can build a routine with, be comfortable and share your life with. The danger arises when routine overshadows the intensity of the emotions and experiences you have with that person.

Here are 3 ways to make sure routine doesn’t drown your passion

Attraction love Spells

1) Just because you’ve started Dating doesn’t mean you stop going on Dates.

Never. Stop. Dating. (Dating Spell inquire on this Now)

Though having a comfort zone and co-existing with your partner is great, you need to keep things fun and interesting.

A date doesn’t mean you have to go out and get dolled up every single time; it can be something as simple as changing or creating an atmosphere.

If your typical date night is to stay in, order pizza and watch a movie, switch the pizza out for his favorite homemade dish and light some candles rather than using the table lamp. This changes it up just enough to create a special moment out of a typically ordinary one.

2) Special occasions deserve special experiences…(Love Portion)

When it comes to birthdays and holidays, many people struggle with what to get their man. You don’t need to break the bank; you just need to invest yourself.

One of the greatest gifts, as well as the most memorable, is the gift of time. The best gift and date ideas take advantage of this.

Make a mini day-trip to a place that neither of you have been before, or go learn something new together. Not only will you have spent quality time with your mate, you’ll also have just created a new point of connection and conversation!

3) Make a mental note of things he likes…..(Sex spell)

Take note of the little things he mentions that he likes, wants to do, and that turn him on, and build a well you can draw from.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to take charge and book the tickets to that new action movie, simply because you know he wants to see it. Also don’t forget to remind him of ways he can make you happy. No guy will be angry with you for giving him a roadmap.

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